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Understanding who you are is the first step in becoming a better individual. The word “better” is relative, but that is perfect. We are talking about being an “individual” anyways.

One cannot simply be upset or self deprecating once they perceive they have failed in any way. Personally, I have struggled with alcohol addiction, and there is nothing worse than having one bad night, drinking, and then spending over a week reminding yourself of your failure of will.

Knowing that you are human, and that you will make mistakes seems so elementary, but it’s not.  Then again, knowing it is one thing; acknowledging it is something completely different.

I have made plenty of mistakes and continue to daily. Those choices of action, which BECAME mistakes, also became lessons. Lessons one can either learn and better oneself from, or a lesson that goes noticed but disregarded. We all have thousands of decisions to make daily. Every second we are making hundreds of seemingly unimportant decisions. It is ok to misinterpret at times, and make a wrong decision. It is less about your error and more about your recovery.

I am the furthest thing from perfect, but I am working at it. “Perfect”… Another relative term. Live for your own perfection. Individualize perfection. Once you are your own amazing you, share yourself with those around you. Never limit yourself. I am working on these things…